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Rick Moranis
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Biography from Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia:

Actor. (b. Apr. 18, 1954, Toronto.) A graduate of Canada's famed Second City comedy troupe, this slight, nebbishy performer harkened back to the days of Fred MacMurray playing an absent-minded professor in the Disney comic fantasy hitsHoney, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) andHoney, I Blew Up the Kid (1992). Older baby boomers still recall him as one of the brain-dead, beerswilling McKenzie Brothers (first seen in a series of TV skits) inStrange Brew (1983), which Moranis cowrote and codirected with "SCTV" colleague Dave Thomas. He's also been seen inGhostbusters (as another nerd),Streets of Fire, The Wild Life (all 1984),Brewster's Millions (1985),Club Paradise, Little Shop of Horrors (as Seymour Krellboin),Head Office (all 1986),Spaceballs (1987, as a nerdy Darth Vader type),Ghostbusters II (1989, with one hilarious speech), Parenthood (also 1989, as a straitlaced, yuppie papa),My Blue Heaven (1990, as a nervous FBI agent), L.A. Story (1991), and Splitting Heirs (1993). Quietly, without the usual Hollywood fanfare, Moranis has carved himself a niche as a major comedy star. He was cast-ideally, it seemed to many-as Barney Rubble in the liveaction feature version of the cartoon show, The Flintstones (1994).

5' 4"

Was widowed in the early 1990s when his wife died of cancer. He has two children from that marriage.

Moranis and 'Dave Thomas' originally created the characters Bob and Doug McKenzie in protest against government requirements for "identifiable Canadian content" in domestically produced television programming. The skits, as an SCTV program "The Great White North" featured two dim witted brothers who combined as many negative Canadian stereotypes as possible. Despite this, they became so popular that the skits were included in the U.S. version of the program, and Moranis and Thomas were made members of the Order of Canada for their contribution to Canadian culture.

He is Left-Handed

Was the afternoon deejay on Toronto radio station CHUM-FM in the Seventies.

Rick Moranis stared in:

Title Year Saw with/at: Scene On Rating
Strange Brew 1983 With Peter L. 0000-00-00 ** 1/2
Streets of Fire 1984 Don't know 0000-00-00 ***
Ghostbusters 1984 Don't Remember 0000-00-00 *** 1/2
Club Paradise 1986 With Jessica 0000-00-00 * 1/2
Little Shop of Horrors 1986 With Jessica 0000-00-00 *** 1/2
Spaceballs 1987 With Jessica 0000-00-00 **
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids 1989 With Jessica 0000-00-00 ***
Ghostbusters II 1989 With Jessica 0000-00-00 ***
Parenthood 1989 With Jessica 0000-00-00 *** 1/2
My Blue Heaven 1990 Don't Remember 0000-00-00 ***
The Flintstones 1994 Old Saybrook Cinema 0000-00-00 ** 1/2
Brother Bear 2003 family on DVD 2007-08-11 ** 1/2
Brother Bear 2 2006 Hanna on DVD 2007-12-22 * 1/2