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Liev Schreiber
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Liev (pronounced Lee-ev) is the son of Tell Schreiber, a theatrical actor with some film roles. His mother, Heather, was a painter. At age 1, the family moved from San Francisco to Canada. His parents divorced when he was 4 or 5. He and his mother then moved to New York, where she drove a cab. During that time, they lived as squatters in an abandoned building. His mother now lives in an ashram in Virginia. His mother taught him to read. She also forbade him from seeing color movies. Thus he grew up seeing movies at a local revival house, particularly those of Charlie Chaplin. Started acting at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Then graduated from the Yale School of Drama in 1992. He originally wanted to be a playwright, but his teacher encouraged him to become an actor.


Graduated from Friends Seminary High School in Manhattan

Attended London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art & Hampshire College

Training: Yale School of Drama

Has four half brothers and one half sister

His mother says she named him after her favorite author - Leo Tolstoy. His father says he was named after a doctor in San Francisco who saved his mother's life.

Liev Schreiber stared in:

Title Year Saw with/at: Scene On Rating
Mixed Nuts 1994 2012-07-09 *** 1/2
Ransom 1996 At Neils house on video 0000-00-00 ***
Big Night 1996 Suzy 0000-00-00 *** 1/2
Sphere 1998 2017-02-18 ***
Hamlet 2000 York Square with Lois Read 2000-07-26 *** 1/2
Kate & Leopold 2001 w/ suzy on DVD 2002-08-17 ***
The Sum of All Fears 2002 at Showcase North Haven 2002-05-31 **
The Manchurian Candidate 2004 w/ Suzy on DVD 2005-01-07 ***
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009 Hanna 2019-06-08 ** 1/2
Salt 2010 2010-10-30 ** 1/2
Mental 2012 Suzy and Leica 2022-12-31 1/2 *
Spotlight 2015 Suzy 2016-01-12 *** 1/2
Isle of Dogs 2018 Suzy and Hanna 2018-06-22 ** 1/2
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2018 Hanna 2019-02-23 *** 1/2
The French Dispatch 2021 Middletown with Suzy 2021-11-19 ***
Don’t Look Up 2021 Suzy and Hanna 2021-12-29 *** 1/2