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Kyle MacLachlan
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Desiree Gruber (20 April 2002 - present)
Biography from Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia:

If coffee and cherry pie are back in fashion, credit (or blame) this jut-jawed, steely-eyed actor, who played the oddball FBI agent Dale Cooper in the much-talked-about-butlittle-watched TV series "Twin Peaks," the media sensation of 1990. (Sharp-eyed viewers may have recognized the character as a variation on the alien cop he played in the 1987 sci-fi thriller The Hid den "Peaks" was just another chapter in the saga of the amiable, assured MacLachlan as on-screen alter ego of director David Lynch, who first cast him as the messianic Paul Atreides in Dune (1984), and then as the small-town innocent caught up in the horrors of Blue Velvet (1986). He also played a goofy editor in Don't Tell Her It's Me (1990) and keyboardist Ray Manzarek in The Doors (1991). MacLachlan reprised his Dale Cooper characterization in the 1992 "Peaks" prequel, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me A low-key romantic drama, Rich in Love (1993), gave MacLachlan his warmest, most endearing role to date, as a young historian in a Southern coastal town. He then costarred in a remake of Kafka's The Trial (1993), The Flintstones (1994), and Showgirls (1995). MacLachlan made his debut behind the camera directing an episode of cable TV's "Tales From the Crypt" (also 1993).

Kyle MacLachlan stared in:

Title Year Saw with/at: Own On? Rating
Blue Velvet 1986 *
The Flintstones 1994 Old Saybrook Cinema ** 1/2
Hamlet 2000 York Square with Lois Read *** 1/2
The Librarian: Quest for the Spear 2004 Suzy Digital ***
Inside Out 2015 Suzy and Hanna at Middletown ****