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Cliff Curtis
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Cliff Curtis was born in Rotorua, Aotearoa, New Zealand, on July 27, 1968.

Of New Zealand Maori descent (Ngati Hauiti, Te Arawa) he spent time when young learning the traditional Maori fighting styles of mau rakau. He enrolled at the New Zealand Drama School, and then the Teatro Dmitri Scoula in Switzerland.

After returning to Aotearoa New Zealand from Europe, he was cast in The Piano (1993). Subsequent roles in New Zealand include the camp melodrama Desperate Remedies (1993), the gruelling urban drama Once Were Warriors (1994), in which he plays a child rapist, and the lighthearted comedy Jubilee (2000).

In Hollywood, Cliff Curtis has played a range of different roles and ethnicities in films. He plays a Colombian in Blow (2001), an Arab in Three Kings (1999) and The Insider (1999), a Latino in Training Day (2001) and Runaway Jury (2003), and a drug dealer of ambiguous ethnicity in Bringing Out the Dead (1999). However, he is probably best known for his role as Paikea's father Porourangi, in Whale Rider (2002).

Cliff Curtis stared in:

Title Year Saw with/at: Scene On Rating
Six Days and Seven Nights 1998 Showcase Orange 0000-00-00 ** 1/2
Virus 1999 2023-02-05 * 1/2
Three Kings 1999 At home on DVD 2000-06-18 ***
Bringing Out the Dead 1999 with Cheri at Branford Hoyts 0000-00-00 *** 1/2
Blow 2001 at Branford Hoyts w/ Mark, Holli and Cheri 2001-04-14 ***
Whale Rider 2003 w/ Suzy on DVD 2003-12-14 ***
Live Free or Die Hard 2007 Showcase North Haven 2007-07-27 ***
The Last Airbender 2010 Hanna at Destina Middletown 2010-07-14 **
Colombiana 2011 2012-02-28 ** 1/2
The Meg 2018 Hanna 2018-11-10 * 1/2
Reminiscence 2021 2024-02-29 ***
Meg 2: The Trench 2023 2023-12-07 * 1/2