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The Sound of Music
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
4 Stars
The Sound of Music Poster
Primary Location: First Saw:On TV Saw at/with:
Rating: G Year: 1965 Category: Musical
Director: Robert Wise Time: 177 min. Writer: Roger & Hammerstein

Mine: In a class by itself. Great to watch. A ton of fun.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Call it corn if you like, but blockbuster Rodgers & Hammerstein musical based on Austria's real-life Von Trapp family, who fled their homeland in 1938 to escape from Nazi rule, pleased more people than practically any other film in history. Fine music, beautiful scenery help offset coy aspects of script. Five Oscars include Best Picture, Director, Score Adaptation (Irwin Kostal), Editing (William Reynolds). Screenplay by Ernest Lehman, based on the Howard Lindsay-Russel Crouse Broadway show. Songs include "Do Re Mi," "My Favorite Things," "Climb Ev'ry Mountain," "Edelweiss,"and title tune.
User Reviews:
The Girl From Denmark's rating:
5 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
The Sound of Music is an incredible movie, not only because it is actually shot in Austria, where the real story took place, but because of the loveable Julie Andrews. She makes the movie worth seeing! She litterally lights up the screen as she in the opening seen runs down an Austrian Alp singing The Sound of Music. I also think it is incredible that after all this time (the movie was first released in 1965) people all over the world still watch this movie. Just a few months ago it was shown on danish television, I mean this is a musical that will never die!
Christopher Chesnutt's rating:
None Given
(out of 5 stars)
The Sound of Music is a movie that I've seen four times in my life, all within the past two months, and I give it 5 stars! I love all the songs that make feel happy and feel a part of the story! The scenery of the Austrian Alps makes the movie so wonderful-you can't ask for a place with better scenery for the film than the Austrian Alps in Salzburg, Austria! The acting is incredible and the dancing is great too! It's so hard to say what the best scene or song is-they're all so great! I guess my favorite scene would have to be Ralp and Liesl singing "16 Going On 17" together, but it's still so hard to say! I'm definitely going to see this movie again! Congragulations to the cast and crew that made this movie a memory for a lifetime, both for the present and for the future times! You're to be commended for your excellent work to make a memory that is impacting on people, evoking a great sense of appreciation! God Bless, Christopher Chesnutt
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Julie Andrews Julie Andrews as:
Christopher Plummer Christopher Plummer as:
Captain Von Trapp
Eleanor Parker as:
The Baroness
Richard Haydn as:
Max Detweiler
Peggy Wood as:
Mother Abbess
Charmian Carr as:
Leisl Von Trap
Daniel Truhitte as:
Jeather Menzies as:
Louisa Von Trapp