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Modern Times
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
3.5 Stars
Modern Times Poster
Primary Location: First Saw: In Theatre Saw at/with: Yale Film Soc.
Rating: NR Year: 1936 Category: Comedy
Director: Charles Chaplin Time: 87:00:00 min. Writer: Charles Chaplin

Mine: A comedy masterpiece. Chaplin is a master at blending comic and serious ideas. Here he is at his best.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Charlie attacks the machine age in inimitable fashion, with sharp pokes at other social ills and the struggle of modern-day survival. Goddard is the gamin who becomes his partner in life. Chaplin's last silent film (with his own music--including ``Smile''--sound effects and gibberish song) is consistently hilarious, and unforgettable. Final shot is among Chaplin's most famous and most poignant. One of Goddard's sisters early on is young Gloria DeHaven (daughter of Chaplin's assistant director).
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Charles Chaplin as:
A factory worker
Pauleet Goddard as:
a gamin
Henry Bergman as:
Cafe Propietor
Tiny Sandford as:
Big Bull
Chester Conklin as:
Hank Mann as:
Stanley Slystone as:
Sheriff Couler
Al Ernest Carcia as: