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Bedknobs and Broomsticks
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
3 Stars
Bedknobs and Broomsticks Poster
Primary Location: First Saw: On Video Saw at/with: With Kim
Rating: PG Year: 1971 Category: Musical Fantasy Children
Director: Robert Stevenson Time: 117:00:00 min. Writer: Don DaGradi & Bill Walsh

Mine: Good Disney fun. Angela is terrific. Disney live action at its best. The animated sequences are OK, but nothing special.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Elaborate Disney musical fantasy about amateur witch who helps British cause in WW2; no MARY POPPINS, but quite enjoyable, with Oscar-winning special effects and delightful animated cartoon sequences directed by Ward Kimball. Reissued at 98m. 141 min. archival edition assembled in 1996, with more (and longer) songs, clearer plot, and more of a part for McDowall.
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Angela Lansbury Angela Lansbury as:
Eglantine Price
David Tomlinson as:
Mr. Emelius Browne
Roddy McDowall Roddy McDowall as:
Mr. Jelk
Sam Jaffe as:
John Ericson as:
Col. Heller
Bruce Forsyth as:
Tessie O'Shea as:
Mrs. Hobday
Arthur Gould-Porter as:
Capt. Greer