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Popeye Poster
Primary Location: First Saw:In Theatre Saw at/with: With Peter L.
Rating: PG-13 Year: 1980 Category: Comedy Musical
Director: Robert Altman Time: 114 min. Writer: Jules Feiffer

Mine: Easily one of the worst films ever made. A terrible screen play (it added nothing to to basic 6 minute cartoon), painfully bad performances from almost everyone. Just plain terrilble.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: The beloved sailorman (Williams, in his starring debut) boards a sinking ship in this astonishingly boring movie. A game cast does its best with Jules Feiffer's unfunny script, Altman's cluttered staging, and some alleged songs by Harry Nilsson. Tune in an old Max Fleischer cartoon instead; you'll be much better off. Technovision.
User Reviews:
J.D. McGlynn's rating:
4 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
How exactly does One, perfect a reproduction of a cartoon and please everybody? It just aint gonna happen. This movie has good family value and can show off the imaginative side of these great actors. In closeing I would like to suggest that first time viewers should wait for the DVD release. Oh and be warned that it recieved it's PG-13 rating because Robin Williams says SH*T once in a scene where he is falling. Enjoy the film!!
Alton Corey's rating:
None Given
(out of 5 stars)
I adore Leonard, but he missed the boat on this one. A very funny cartoon from Altman!!
Richard Eckman's rating:
5 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
I'll say right up front that I LOVE this movie. "Why," you ask, "WHY in the name of all that's holy do you like this film?!?" I suppose that it's the sum of its parts rather than the whole. The casting was spot-on---each actor perfectly personified their character physically, vocally, and with some inspired improvisation. The production design literally brought the cartoon world to life through the sets and costumes. The songs, although not as memorable or toe-tappig as those in ANNIE, are still charming and fun. Would a different director or screenwriter made this movie better? Who knows? Altman remains true to style here, indulging himself (and his supporting cast)by using screen time to showcase their various physical schtick. Likewise, the screenplay too heavily relies on the contrivance that throughout most of the story Popeye HATES spinach until the very end. In a way, POPEYE reminds me of another movie based upon a comic strip: DICK TRACY. Both films did a superb job of capturing the spirit of the original strip and the essence of their characters, although the argument can be made that they're both more of a triumph of style over substance. But hey---we're talking COMIC STRIPS,folks, not Shakespeare or CITIZEN KANE. You have to accept these types of movies for what they are, on their own terms. But it's a sweet, quirky film, one which holds fun and special childhood memories for me, and so I give it a high rating. If you've never seen it before, please be willing to give it a try---you might be pleasantly surprised, and heaven knows there are far worse movies out there!!!
Drunknerd's rating:
(out of 5 stars)
Even as a child this movie gave me a headache. The octopus looks real though.
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Robin Williams Robin Williams as:
Shelley Duvall as:
Olive Oyl
Ray Walston Ray Walston as:
Poopdeck Pappy
Paul Dooley Paul Dooley as:
Paul Smith as:
Donald Moffat as:
The Taxman
Macintyre Dixon as:
Cole Oyl
Roberta Maxwell as:
Nana Oyl
Bill Irwin Bill Irwin as:
Ham Gravey