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Dragonslayer Poster
Primary Location: First Saw:Digitally Saw at/with: Kendra and Hanna at home
Rating: PG Year: 1981 Category: Fantasy Action
Director: Matthew Robbins Time: 109 min. Writer: Hal Barwood & Matthew Robbins

Mine: While by no means a great film, suffering from wooden acting and some pretty annoying music, it does have it's moments. The dragon is well done considering when the film was made.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: A King has made a pact with a dragon where he sacrfices virgins to it, and the dragon leaves his kingdom alone. An old wizard, and his keen young apprentice volunteer to kill the dragon and attempt to save the next virgin in line - the Kings own daughter.
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Peter MacNicol Peter MacNicol as:
Caitlin Clarke as:
Ralph Richardson as:
Ian McDiamid as:
Brother Jacopus
John Hallam as:
Peter Eyre as:
Casiodorus Rex
Albert Salmi as:
Sydney Bromley as:
Chloe Salaman as:
Princess Elspeth