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As You Like It
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
2.5 Stars
As You Like It Poster
Primary Location: First Saw:On DVD Saw at/with: family on DVD
Rating: PG Year: 2006 Category: Drama Comedy
Director: Kenneth Branagh Time: 127 min. Writer: William Shakespeare & Kenneth Branagh

Mine: Gorgeous sets and cinematography and some good acting don't help to hide some curious choices and slow pace. Brannagh had done a couple of great Shakespeare's, but here he misses the mark. The change of setting to ancient stylized Japan is simply distracting. Kevin Kline is wasted.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Rosalind, the daughter of Duke Senior (the banished duke), is raised at the court of Duke Frederick (who is younger brother to Duke Senior and took over his dukedom), with her cousin Celia (daughter to Duke Frederick). She falls in love with a young man named Orlando, but before she can even think twice about it, she is banished by Duke Frederick, who threatens death if she comes near the court again. Celia, being Rosalind's best friend, goes with Rosalind (who is disguised as a boy, Ganymede) and Touchstone, the court's fool, to the forest of Arden. Upon their arrival in the forest, they happen upon Orlando and his manservant, who are fleeing the wrath of Orlando's eldest brother. What follows is an elaborate scheme devised by the cross-dressing Rosalind to find out the verity of Orlando's supposed passion for her, and to further capture his heart, through the witty and mischievous fa├žade of Ganymede
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Bryce Dallas Howard Bryce Dallas Howard as:
Romola Garai as:
Alfred Molina Alfred Molina as:
Kevin Kline Kevin Kline as:
Brian Blessed Brian Blessed as:
Duke Fredrick
Adrian Lester as:
Oliver De Boys
Janet McTeer as:
David Oyelowo David Oyelowo as:
Orlando De Boys
Richard Briers as:
Richard Clifford Richard Clifford as:
Le Beau