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Super Fuzz
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
1.5 Stars
Super Fuzz Poster
Primary Location: First Saw:In Theatre Saw at/with: Hamden CineMart
Rating: PG Year: 1980 Category: Comedy Sci-Fi
Director: Sergio Corbucci Time: 107 min. Writer: Robert Brodie Booth & Sabatino Ciuffini

Mine: Really silly and dumb. When I saw it at 17 I thought it was kind of fun. At this point I doubt I would be so kind.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Rookie Miami cop Hill is exposed to radiation, gains superpowers and takes on mobster Lawrence. Pretty poor, including the special effects. Also known as SUPERSNOOPER. Originally 106m.
User Reviews:
Tiziano's rating:
None Given
(out of 5 stars)
The greatest cult movie ever. Period. Visionary, inventive, funny and damn amusing. They don't make them this way anymore. Unfortunately. DAVE SPEED is legendary stuff. And please, avoid every red coloured typed words in this page... :)
AdamLazlo's rating:
4.5 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
This film defines my childhood. Be it other films like ‘Escape From New York’, ‘The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai’, ‘Rock ‘N Rule’, and ‘Dead Heat’ set me off in the right direction I think ‘Super Fuzz’ had a profound effect on me. Sure it’s cheesy but what wasn’t at the time? I was lucky enough to find a copy last year and I haven’t stopped watching it since. What I like is the absurd dialogue and situations the characters propose. We know now that police officers are not going to pull out their guns and point them at just anyone because of ‘intuition’ but that’s the over-the-top quality this movie has. It revolves around Dave Speed and his powers, not the realism of cop drama. The movie is short, which is a nice relief from the recent 2-3 hour epics we see today. It’s a charming movie for all ages. I’m sure once I have kids I’ll show the movie to them. I remember my father renting ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ and ‘The 7th Voyage of Sinbad’ because I liked ‘Clash of the Titans’. I didn’t like the films he rented (mostly cuz I thought they were “old” movies) until I watched them again some years later. Now my dad and I understand each other on a different level. ‘Super Fuzz’ is STUPID. That’s what makes it so good. Hell, I bought ‘Glitter’ on VHS last year so I must like stupid movies, or at least appreciate them. It’s really hard for me to hate a movie I grew up with. For its entire major plot faults (we heard Silvius got killed but never saw it) the movie still works for me. As a 30 something adult with a good head on my shoulders I still chuckle like a 10-year-old boy while watching the movie. I don’t know how much someone that’s never seen the film will take it but from my perspective I hold it as one of my top-ten favorites. It’s ageless.
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Ernest Borgnine as:
Willy Dunlop
Joanne Dru as:
Rosy Labouche
Herb Goldstein as:
Julie Gordon as:
Terence Hill as:
Dave Speed
Claudio Ruffini as:
Tragedy Row
Lee Sandman as:
Sergio Smacchi as:
Slot Machine
Sal Borgese as:
Paradise Alley