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The Lost World: Jurassic Park
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
2.5 Stars
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Poster
Primary Location: First Saw:In Theatre Saw at/with:
Rating: PG-13 Year: 1997 Category: Action
Director: Steven Spielberg Time: 129 min. Writer: Michael Crichton & David Koepp

Mine: Not really bad. Just a long chase through the jungle, then chase through the city movie. Some cool moments.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: It turns out that madman Attenborough left a menagerie of dinosaurs behind on a second island--and wants to sponsor an expedition there. Goldblum knows the dangers, but his girlfriend is already there and he's forced to follow, along with assorted others. Havoc ensues. Completely contrived sequel to JURASSIC PARK benefits from Goldblum's deprecating dialogue and superior special effects. Enough cliffhanger-style action scenes to make up for the lulls.
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Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum as:
Dr. Iam Malcolm
Julianne Moore Julianne Moore as:
Dr. Sarah Harding
Pete Postlethwaite Pete Postlethwaite as:
Roland Tembo
Arliss Howard as:
Peter Ludlow
Richard Attenborough as:
John Hammond
Vince Vaughn Vince Vaughn as:
Nick Van Owen
Peter Stormare Peter Stormare as:
Dieter Stark
Harvey Jason as:
Ajay Sidhu
Richard Schiff Richard Schiff as:
Eddie Carr