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The World is Not Enough
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
3.5 Stars
The World is Not Enough Poster
Primary Location: First Saw:In Theatre Saw at/with: Cheri and kids at Hoyts Branford
Rating: PG-13 Year: 1999 Category: Action
Director: Michael Apted Time: 127 min. Writer: Neal Purvis & Robert Wade

Mine: GOOFY, but fun. Good villian, which always makes or breaks the Bond Films. Judy Dench adds the class the Denise Richards drains. Great action, and a good sense of humor.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: OK if typically overlong James Bond outing has 007 avenging the murder of an industrialist who was a close friend of M's. Brosnan is fine, as are the action set pieces, but film allows M (Dench) to look foolish, and absurdly casts Richards as a nuclear physicist (in shorts!) with lots of laughable dialogue. Carlyle is a good villain with an underwritten part; Marceau is delicious as Elektra, his partner in crime. Llewellyn's final film as Q.
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Pierce Brosnan Pierce Brosnan as:
James Bond
Sophie Marceau as:
Elektra King
Denise Richards as:
Dr. Christmas Jones
Robbie Coltrane Robbie Coltrane as:
Valentin Zuckovsky
Desmond Llewelyn Desmond Llewelyn as:
Samantha Bond as:
Judi Dench Judi Dench as:
John Cleese John Cleese as:
Robert Carlyle Robert Carlyle as: