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3.5 Stars
Dick Poster
Primary Location: First Saw:In Theatre Saw at/with: Showcase Orange
Rating: PG-13 Year: 1999 Category: Comedy
Director: Andrew Fleming Time: 94 min. Writer: Andrew Flemin & Sheryl Longin

Mine: Very funny. A great idea, well done The portrayls of the white house staff are great. Loved the woodward and bernstein.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Clever cross of CLUELESS and ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN has two likable teenage airheads (delightfully played by Dunst and Williams) stumbling into all the key players in the Watergate scandal-up to and including President Richard Nixon himself (Hedaya)-but never having an inkling of what is going on. Funny script by Fleming and Sheryl Longin is even more enjoyable if you remember the real-life events of the 1970s.
User Reviews:
Leigh's rating:
4 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
My very first impression was, "What a terrible title." Then a friend briefly summarized the plot - 'It's a political parody of the Watergate scandal." Not well described because I was really hesitant to watch it. So don't be like me becuase this movie is sooo funny and doesn't insult your intelligence! It's awesome!!!
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Kirsten Dunst Kirsten Dunst as:
Betsy Jobs
Michelle Williams Michelle Williams as:
Arlene Lorenzo
Dan Hedaya Dan Hedaya as:
Richard Nixon
Will Ferrell Will Ferrell as:
Bob Woodward
Bruce McCulloch as:
Carl Bernstien
Teri Garr Teri Garr as:
Helen Lorenzo
Dave Foley as:
Bob Halderman
Jim Bruer as:
Joh Dean
Ana Gasteyer as:
Rose Mary Woods
harry Shearer as:
G. Gordon Liddy
Saul Rubinek Saul Rubinek as:
Henery Kissinger
Devon Gummersall as:
Larry Jobs
Ted McGinley as:
Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds as:
G. D. Spradlin as:
Ben Bradlee
Richard Fitzpatrick as:
John Erlichman