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Notorious Poster
Primary Location: First Saw:On TV Saw at/with:
Rating: NR Year: 1946 Category: Thriller
Director: Alfred Hitchcock Time: 101 min. Writer: Ben Hecht

Mine: Top-notch thriller. Great cast does well with a terrific script by Hecht. Ingrid and Grant are wonderful together.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Top-notch espionage tale by Ben Hecht, set in post-WW2 South America, with Ingrid marrying spy Rains to aid U. S. and agent Grant. Frank, tense, well acted, with amazingly suspenseful climax (and one memorably passionate love scene). Remade for cable TV in 1992.
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Gray Grant as:
T. R. Devlin
Ingrid Bergman Ingrid Bergman as:
Alicia Huberman
Claude Rains as:
Alexander Sebastian
Louis Calhern as:
Capt. Paul Prescott
Reinhold Schunzel as:
Dr. Anderson
Maroni Olsen as:
Walter Beardsly
Ivan Triesault as:
Eric Mathis
Alex Minotis as: