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2.5 Stars
1941 Poster
Primary Location: First Saw: In Theatre Saw at/with: With Peter L.
Rating: PG Year: 1979 Category: Comedy
Director: Steven Spielberg Time: 116:00:00 min. Writer: Robert Zemickis & Bob Gale

Mine: Long, dull, and just not funny. Steven missed the target
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Gargantuan comedy from the bigger-is-funnier school of filmmaking. Some excellent vignettes and dazzling special effects in freewheeling story of war panic in L. A. following Pearl Harbor attack, but on the whole suffers from overkill. Written by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis. 26m. of footage added for network TV and special laserdisc editon. Panavision.
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John Belushi John Belushi as:
Captain Wild Bill Kelso
Dan Aykroyd Dan Aykroyd as:
Sergeant Frank Tree
John Candy John Candy as:
Private Foley
Ned Beatty Ned Beatty as:
Ward Douglas
Lorraine Gary as:
Joan Douglas
Christopher Lee Christopher Lee as:
Captian Wolfgang Bon Kleinschmidt
Tim Matheson Tim Matheson as:
Captain Loomis Birkhead
Warren Oates as:
Colonel "Madman" Maddox
Treat Williams Treat Williams as:
Chuck Sitarki