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Made in Heaven
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
1.5 Stars
Made in Heaven Poster
Primary Location: First Saw:On Video Saw at/with: With Jessica
Rating: PG Year: 1987 Category: Romance
Director: Alan Rudolph Time: min. Writer: Bruce A. Evans & Raynold Gideon

Mine: Just wierd. McGillis is totally devoid of acting talent and here it really shows. Quite different, but not in a good way.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Young man dies and goes to heaven, where he meets a yet-unborn beauty and falls in love. The Big Question: how long will it take for them to meet, in their new identities on earth, and realize that they were ``made for each other''? Potentially sweet fantasy-romance is undermined by too many kinky touches and inside-joke cameos (Debra Winger, in drag, plays Hutton's guardian angel). This is apparently director Rudolph's idea of a mainstream Hollywood movie. Among the other cameos: Neil Young, Tom Petty, Ellen Barkin, Ric Ocasek, David Rasche, Tom Robbins, Gary Larson.
User Reviews:
lelei's rating:
5 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
Just Beatiful !! A real inspiring movie that make us think what are we doing here and why. Magic. I could watch the movie over and over again. The best movie of my live, its a shame they dont release it in DVD.
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Timothy Hutton Timothy Hutton as:
Mike Shea
Kelly McGillis Kelly McGillis as:
Annie Packert
Maureen Stapleton Maureen Stapleton as:
Aunt Lisa
Ann Wedgeworth as:
Annette Shea
Mare Winningham as:
Brenda Carlucci
Amanda Plummer Amanda Plummer as:
Wiley Foxx
Debra Winger Debra Winger as:
Neil Young as:
Truck Driver