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Dennis Farina
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6' 2"
'Patricia' (1970 - 1980) (divorced); 3 sons

Is an ex Chicago policeman.

Children: Dennis Farina Jr. Michael Farina Joseph Farina

Once claimed in an interview that as a Chicago cop he was such a bad shot, he earned the nickname "The Great Wounder."

"Farina" means "flour" in Italian.

Some people approach acting with all these things in their head, making it more complicated than it needs to be, way too cerebral. I don't want to know that an actor lived in a cave for 12 days so that he could prepare for a part."

Dennis Farina stared in:

Title Year Saw with/at: Own On? Rating
Midnight Run 1988 With Jessica *** 1/2
Another Stakeout 1993 W/ Adam Brusic?? ***
Little Big League 1994 Don't Remember *** 1/2
Get Shorty 1995 Digital ***
Saving Private Ryan 1998 Branford Hoyts DVD ****
Out of Sight 1998 Suzy Digital *** 1/2
Snatch 2000 Branford Hoyts ***
Reindeer Games 2000 Digital ** 1/2
Sidewalks of New York 2001 w/ Suzy on DVD *
Big Trouble 2002 w/ Suzy at Branford Hoyts Digital ** 1/2
Bottle Shock 2008 Suzy Digital ***